KAZYLYN ALTEROS (Specialist Coach)

About me

I have a unique ability to bring a lot of fun and energy to what can be quite serious subjects. Injury rehabilitation for example is a serious goal and not without risks if approached unprofessionally. Yet your journey with me will be as enjoyable as it is progressive.

With a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and as a licenced PTRP (Physical Therapists) I can bring a lot of theoretical as well as physical expertise to our sessions.

I love to study and expand my knowledge, so I can bring the latest techniques and research to our sessions, but to compliment the knowledge and experience I also bring a strong sense of fun and you will laugh a lot as we workout.

Training Experience

Bachelor Degree: 

Physical Therapy


PTRP (Physical Therapist)


Nuerorehabilitation, Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Bobath Technique (approach for motor impairment), Sports related injury rehabilitation


Weight loss:

Weight loss can seem a challenge at first but it’s actually an amazing experience, your fitness grows, your health risks decrease and your lifestyle improves. It’s tangible and you will notice the benefits after a few short weeks.

Weight loss programmes need to match your interests and unique environment and I’m skilled at creating the right programmes to keep you motived. That could be weights, dance, boxing sparing, functional training or an entertaining combination of them all. It’s this tailored and constantly adapting approach that will keep you focussed and ensure we achieve your goals.


Rehabilitation and movement management after injury is an essential part of recovery. As with weight loss everybody and every injury is unique and needs a tailored plan for recovery.

Rehabilitation is a serious matter and you need a coach like me with qualifications and experience to help manage your recovery. We can bring a lot of techniques to play, including advance stretching techniques, functional training, weights and circuit training as required.

Functional and circuit training:

This is a great programme for people who like variety and like to be pushed hard. It’s burns a lot of calories and builds overall body strength so great for sculpting and toning. Functional and circuit training is also complimentary to other types of workout. I thoroughly recommend a trial session, please contact me and we can arrange a free session.

Stretching and flexibility:

This is often missed in personal trainer sessions but it’s a critical factor in performance and recovery. Don’t miss this key component of your workout and I have the skills and experience required to deliver expert stretching techniques.



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