About Me:

I come from a military background having run gyms for the army and trained frontline soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq in strength and conditioning. This has given me a disciplined approach to fitness programs although everything should be fun and enjoyable with me.

I am a case study in fat loss having personally transformed myself from 142kg to 78kg in just 8 months back in 2014 and maintained it ever since. Maintaining fat loss is one of the challenges I can coach you in and my story will help you realise what’s achievable.

Training Experience

REPS Certificate: 

Level 3 – Personal training

Current Training: 

Advanced Crossfit and Nutrition



Fat loss:

 It’s fat loss not weight loss because I’m sure you would be happy to gain muscle mass while losing fat. The key to fat loss is to maintain motivation so my approach is to focus on the positive drive you need to keep you on the right track long term. Actually, with good motivation you will see results very quickly. Within four weeks you will see good results, within eight weeks you will see great results from a combination of exercise, diet and nutrition. If we get great results in eight weeks, just think what we could achieve longer term. I personally lost over 60kg in an eight month period.

Metabolic conditioning:

This training covers all aspects of fitness and is great for those who what to challenge themselves in intense sessions. The variety of workouts involved also maintains interest and drive. CrossFit fans will love it. The calorie burn is intense.

Strength development:

 More focused on muscle power than metabolic conditioning, my strength development program will build your strength to perfection. Strength is more than just muscle size, it’s the ability to apply force. My sessions will build you power, making you look and feel strong and confident.



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